I, Librarian 4.3 released

Published on Tue, 14 Jun 2016 20:18:29 -0500

This version of I, Librarian is a bug fix release, plus brings a search of citation keys.

Reference Manager Enhancements

  • added ability to search citation keys in quick and advanced search
  • LDAP improvements
  • added ability to upload and convert Microsoft Visio files
  • improved ability to open malformed PDF files

Bug fixes

  • a bug where Bibtex protection of capitalization was incorrect was fixed
  • a bug where the Add Record form was not removed after hitting the Save button was fixed
  • a bug where executable binaries were not working on Windows installation in directories with white space in their name was fixed
  • a bug where authors with apostrophes were incorrectly saved was fixed
  • a bug where items were not saved in batch upload when some metadata was empty was fixed
  • a bug where PDF viewer did not load pages with high page number (> 500) was fixed
  • a bug where editors were not correctly saved in Edit tab was fixed
  • included backup and restore work correctly with various folder names

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