Choose the right installation package

I, Librarian is a so-called "web-based" bibliography manager. It does not mean that the database is located on the Web; it is still in your computer. Web-based only means that you will access your PDF collection with an Internet browser, like you access a website.

Choose for Windows

The easiest option is to download the complete installer, which contains everything needed to run I, Librarian, including configured Apache and PHP. You don't need to understand Apache or PHP. Simply execute the installer and finish the process.

If you already have Apache and PHP installed, you should download the installer without Apache and PHP. This installer configures Apache so that I, Librarian can be accessed with a web browser usually at http://yourip/librarian from intranet computers. If you want to install and configure I, Librarian manually, you should download the zip file.

Choose for Ubuntu

The deb package installs I, Librarian into /usr/share according to Debian policies. If you require more flexibility, download the console installer instead. Alternatively, download the tar.gz for Linux, if you want to install manually.