Load records into I, Librarian

Manual Upload

The Manual Upload allows to record PDF files manually by pasting the corresponding metadata to the Upload form. However, there is much more to this feature than meets the eye. To upload a PDF file manually, go to Add Record->Add Single Item.

If you select a local PDF file, or paste a direct URL link to a PDF file, and hit the Save button, I, Librarian will attempt to assist you with the upload. The software will attempt to extract a DOI or an arXiv ID and download the corresponding metadata from PubMed, NASA ADS, arXiv and CrossRef. In effect, almost all PDF files containing a DOI or an arXiv ID can be conveniently recorded without a need to paste any information into the upload form. If you want, you can enter a category to store the PDF in and hit the Save button again to finish the process. If no data are found, you will need to enter at least the title and hit the Record button to finish recording the PDF. If you click anywhere else, you will abandon the PDF file.

You can save bibliographic information in a similar fashion, if you only have a DOI number, or UID numbers from supported Internet databases. Check out our screencasts to see this in action.

PDF Batch Import

The PDF batch import can be used to load multiple PDF files simultaneously. It can be performed locally or remotely. During batch import, I, Librarian attempts to extract a unique DOI from every PDF. If successful, the software will download the matching metadata from PubMed, NASA ADS and/or Crossref and save them alongside the PDF.

To start the batch import, go to Add Record->Add Multiple PDFs. You can choose to force record PDF files with no matching metadata. They will be saved into a special category !unknown.

Import Metadata Files

The Add Multiple Items feature serves to import reference metadata from various file formats including the Endnote XML export file, the ISI export file, Bibtex and RIS files from many supported repositories. You can use the Add Multiple Items form to record a single reference or thousands of references at once. It is aimed to provide a convenient way to import references from Internet databases that cannot be accessed directly from I, Librarian.

After you perform the search for articles of your interest at a database web site of your choice, export them into a RIS file. Ask your database provider how to do it. In order to import the references, go to Add Record->Add Multiple Items. Next, select the file to import, indicate the file type, choose whether you wish to record references into your Shelf or Clipboard and click the Save button. You can also use this form to import reference collection and PDF files from Endnote (using Endnote XML) or Papers (using RIS). Check out our screencasts to see this in action.

Seamless Importing from Internet Databases

I, Librarian can directly search and import metadata from several Internet repositories. These include PubMed, PubMed Central, NASA Astrophysics Data System, arXiv, IEEE Xplore®, Springer, and Highwire Press®.

To perform a search, go to the corresponding search window in Add Records. Type in your search terms and hit Search. A list of record titles will be displayed. To record an item, click on its title. An abstract and various options to locate a full text of the article will appear. In case of PubMed Central, and arXiv, a PDF file, if available, can be directly transferred to your computer.