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I, Librarian is a PDF manager or PDF organizer, which enables researchers, scholars, or students to create an annotated collection of PDF articles. If used as a groupware, users may build their virtual library collaboratively, sharing the workload of literature mining. I, Librarian will make your work with scientific literature incredibly efficient.

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What can it do?

I, Librarian enables cataloging, annotating, browsing and fast searching in reference data and PDF files. The program is also an advanced tool to mine scientific literature from PubMed, PubMed Central, NASA ADS, arXiv, IEEE Xplore, HighWire Press, and Springer. I, Librarian contains its own PDF viewer with annotating capabilities.

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I, Librarian is offered as an online service. There is no software to install. Everything runs in a browser out of the box. The application behind our service is open-source. It is written in PHP and uses SQLite database. User interface is built using HTML5 and AJAX, resulting in great speed, multitasking capabilities and cross-browser compatibility.

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Is open-source good idea?

Yes! Open-source software means no lock-in. There are no proprietary formats or technology involved. There is no risk in committing to use I, Librarian. All the results of your hard work are yours forever.

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