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No need to install anything

First and foremost, there is no need to install any software. Just sign up for I, Librarian and we will take care of your literature management needs. Everything runs in your web browser. Sign up and take a sip of your coffee, as you watch your PDF library grow in front of you. We accommodate libraries with hundreds of users and hundreds of thousands of papers. Check out more features of our software below.

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Import PDFs, office files and references the way you want

Import PDFs from your hard drive or from the web. Metadata for PDFs are downloaded seamlessly from the Web. You can batch import all your PDF collection. Import articles, books, patents and more. Office files can also be imported and converted to PDF.

Directly search and import records from PubMed, PubMed Central, NASA, arXiv, IEEE, ScienceDirect, Scopus, and a 100 million world-wide patent database.


Search in reference data and PDF full texts

Search for words or phrases in references, PDF files, PDF annotations, and rich-text notes. It takes less than a second to search through >100,000 records. Searching is diacritics neutral. So, a search for "São Paulo" will find records that contain "Sao Paulo" and vice versa. You can even search PDFs from scanned images. I, Librarian can use OCR to extract the text from such files.


Annotate PDFs

Use a full-featured PDF viewer directly in your Internet browser. Use a multi-color marker to highlight important text. Attach pinned notes anywhere to remember what you thought when you were reading the paper. You can see your colleagues' annotations too. All annotations can be exported with a PDF file for printing or for dissemination to people who don't use I, Librarian.


Write rich-text notes

Keep rich-text notes with text highlighting, tables and images. Images that are attached to the paper can be automatically added to the notes. Notes are powered by TinyMCE text editor.


Much, much more!

There is too many cool features to list them all. We did not even mention collaborative projects, tagging, supplementary file management, or the fact that you can export items into your favorite citation manager.

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