I, Librarian 4.1 released

Published on Mon, 08 Feb 2016 15:02:00 -0600

The new version of I, Librarian contains some bug fixes, improved quick search and search result highlighting.

Reference Manager Enhancements

  • quick search can now search in metadata, PDFs, PDF notes and rich-text notes in one go
  • search terms are highlighted on the search result page
  • clicking a PDF link on the search results page opens that PDF with highlighted search terms
  • various BibTex import/export improvements
  • minor GUI improvements

PDF Viewer Enhancements

  • PDF Viewer controls can be hidden by pressing C
  • PDF Viewer now exposes PDF links, press R to go back
  • PDF Viewer now accepts a search_term parameter, which will trigger a PDF search

Bug fixes

  • a bug where items are not sorted correctly by id was fixed
  • a bug where DOI search fails with IEEE search enabled was fixed
  • a bug where Zip file is corrupted when files are attached to a PDF was fixed
  • a bug where PDFs cannot be OCRed was fixed

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