Check out beta of I, Librarian 5.

Published on 1584478619

A beta version of new I, Librarian is available on our server for initial testing.

A few months late, but it's almost here. I, Librarian 5 Beta is available for a spin at:

Feel free to create any number of accounts, upload items, etc. All data will be deleted when the initial testing concludes.

As mentioned in our previous post, we wanted to have a new UI that would be less cluttered and more consistent. Hopefully, we achieved just that. Please let us know, if things are confusing, and it takes a long time to either find or understand some UI elements. The new design is fully responsive. It will work well anywhere from larger phones, tablets, up to 8K monitors. Notably, you can now use Back and Forward buttons, and save URLs as bookmarks. We also rewritten our PDF viewer, which now draws pages in a vector graphics format. You can enlarge a PDF several-fold with no loss in rendering quality. Juts a reminder that it all works right in the browser with no requirements for external plugins.

The software was completely rewritten in an attempt to have more modern code organization with better security. We are now in the process of reviewing the code and splitting the application into different tiers: Free, Lite and Pro.

Finally, we wanted our customers to have an ability to keep their data on a local server. However, this feature will clearly require more development time and will not make it into the version 5. We will bring more news as the software will be closer to its release. Thank you for your patience.

Be ready for an upgrade

All our customers that we host on our server will have their libraries upgraded automatically. If you are running a custom version of I, Librarian, you will be able to contract us to upgrade you to the version 5. If you are running a self-hosted library, make sure that you upgrade to version 4.10 as soon as possible, because upgrading from legacy versions is not supported.

Best regards,
Martin Kucej
Scilico, LLC

If you are subscribed for our service, your library always runs the newest version.

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